Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Cross Country Slideshow

Instead of clicking on this photo to get a bigger photo, click on it and it will take you to a slide-show of all of our cross country photos.This is Kieran and I running neck & neck. Kieran found himself coming fourth and it was fun.

by Dylan


Anonymous said...

I think you guys did a really good job at runing


Mr Harrington said...

The slide show is really cool - you look as if you were all enjoying the run.

Mr Harrington and class 3H

Anonymous said...

Keep up the great job running- there are lots of college scholarships for fast runners in the U.S., not to mention how healthy it is for you!

This was my first time visiting your site- it's great. I really enjoyed the podcast reports on N.Y.

I am a teacher in Florida, but I was born and raised in N.Y.

Mrs. VanAlstyne

Elliott's Space said...

Guess what I just feed the guinea pigs and I fond three baby's one white ands one is patch with colors and one black with i bit of white and brown