Friday, May 04, 2007

Miss K's Surprise

When Miss K came to school every thing was the same but at 9:30 we had a surprise for her.
This is the card we made for her from inside it.
Raewyn and Jenny made this for Miss K so everyone would know it was Miss K's birthday today!
And we all stood by the sign after we had decorated Miss K.
We had signs all over the school teling people about the party.
Raewyn made Miss K this VERY cool birthday cake! Isn't it spiffy. The screen is from Kid Pix, the keyboard has letters on it and look at the mouse and the mouse cord. It is cool that cake.

By Jordan and Moturoa


Mr Harrington said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Miss K from all of your friends and colleagues in Wales

Mr H (not quite 50 yet!!!) and Class 3H

Mr Harrington said...

Pen Blwydd Hapus i ti, Pen Blwydd Hapus Miss K. : ) Have a good day - we liked the computer cake ( is it an apple or a cake?)
Did you enjoy your birthday?? We hope so.

From Class 3H commenting from class at 9.30am Friday 4th May

Lynda said...

What an absolutely fantastic bunch of children you are! It's wonderful to know you appreciate your teacher so very much and think so highly of her. The cake especially is absolutely brilliant.
Well done to each of you. I'm sure Miss K. appreciated everything very much and had a more than memorable birthday at school! Fantastic work by all concerned.

Portsmouth, England

Anonymous said...

It was lots of fun. What a good cake by Georgie

Go GIrL said...

hi this katie oscars cousin i was brightwater school last year and year iam at wis

Elliott's Space said...

Happy birtday miss k and hope you have a nice tea tonight
By Elliott

Moturoa said...

We had a lovely tea out last night at the Grape Escape. Lots of people came to the do- friends, family and all the grown-ups who help me at school. There was a speech or two and lots of laughing which was excellent. A really good night.

I had a Skype call with Mr H's class in Wales and they sung me Happy Birthday in the Welsh language- how cool is that!

Miss K

Mrs. Sullivan said...

Happy Brithday from Mrs. Sullivan's Class. You are all such nice kids to throw such a nice party for your teacher. My class wants to know if you sing.

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Miss King
Happy Bithday to you.

How old are you
How old are you
How old are you now
How old are you