Friday, May 25, 2007

Hands from Around the World

These are the hands from around the world. They are from all over the world like America and Wales. Guess what we got? One of are hands back that we sent to America. It was Tyler's hand. Georgie's hand went to Wales. She was very happy that hers went to Wales. By Nicole and Tegen


Mr Harrington said...

Yay - your hands display is fab - we are looking after Georgie's hand - AaronJ's hand also did the round trip from Wales to California and back again.
Interesting to see this week that Cefn Fforest Pupils such as ChloeF are leaving commnets directly onto Elliott and Oscar's blogs.

Mr H and all at Cefn Fforest

Anonymous said...

Hi, Im a teacher in Australia and wanted to know if any of your hands made it to Australia?

Moturoa said...

Unfortunately we didn't exchange hands with Australia. That would have been fun though.

Miss K