Friday, May 25, 2007

Our Talks about America

This week's homework was to make a little talk about an aspect of living in America. We were going to turn it into a podcast but the file would have been a big one because it was a movie, but then I had a brainwave- use the new TeacherTube video hosting website.
The best way to watch is to wait for it to play and then click play again so that it isn't all starting and stopping while it is buffering!


Room 4 said...

Moturoa - I love looking and listening to the postings on your blog.I never know which part of the world you are going to be learning about or talking to next.You are very lucky to have such an amazing teacher who is so wired in to all the new technologies. Keep up the great work.
Mrs Lines from Brightwater

Mr Harrington said...

Da iawn great work again Moturoa - from Mr Harrington and all of your friends in Wales.

Oscar said...

That was awesome work, looks and sounds great you should all be proud.

Chris Symes

Anonymous said...

As always another set of excellent work done with confidence and skill by children with a keen inerest for learning, instigated by none other than than the enduring Miss K their techer!
Congratulations to all concerned.

Portsmouth, England.

Mrs. V. said...

Moturoa- I loved hearing about my home country from you! It was interesting and fun to see the things that you focused on as important to understanding the United States...I especially liked the brownies! My students have just begun to blog, and I will be showing them your blogs and podcasts as a great example of how we can use technology to learn. Thanks so much to you and your teacher for sharing your thoughts for the world to see. Perhaps we can connect with you on a project some time in the future!
Mrs. V.
Branson, Missouri
Grade 3

Moturoa said...

Mrs V,

Thank you for your comment on our blog. Please send us an email and we can get in touch.

Our email address is at the top right of our blog page.

Miss K

Alix said...

Miss K and children,
This was really fantastic. I just loved watching this podcast...what a great project! Well done. I look forward to seeing more of these. You must all get a great sense of satisfaction from doing this because you learn about the rest of the world...which is so far away from NZ...aren't you lucky! Keep up the good work.
Alix Kennedy
(Elliott's Auntie in Belgium)