Thursday, March 31, 2011

Kieran Sings For Us

This week Kieran shared his video with Allanah via Skype and YouTube. I thought about how great Kieran's voice is. He has a talent and we love it when Appleby students go on to do well, even after they have left our school.


Room 14 said...

Fantastic Kieran. Your family, friends and school must be very proud of you. I enjoyed listening to you last Friday night in Richmond. keep up that wonderful singing and follow your dreams.
Mrs Eden Richmond school.

Anonymous said...

Cool song

Moturoa said...

We liked your singing when we listened to it on class today.

Moturoa Classroom

Leigh J said...

Wow Kieran - you have an amazing voice. I will expect to see you on TV one day or listen to one of your CD's when you are a professional singer!
Miss Johnson Frimley School Hastings

Anonymous said...

Good song.

sophie c