Monday, April 04, 2011

Hannah at RDA

Every single Friday I am away from school because I go to RDA. There are about twenty horses. Last Friday Allanah came to watch me ride.
Some of the jumps are pretty hard to get over but I did get over them pretty quickly. I had to stand up in my stirrups twice without holding on to the reins.

The name of my horse is Woody. I do like riding.

By Hannah


Anonymous said...

I wish I could do that every Friday


kelly said...

Thats sound really cool. I used to ride heaps but I stopped and Changed To motorbikes. I would like to start again as I went so far in it the last time I rode a horse was about 2 years ago.

Trafalgar Room 2011 said...

Woody looks like a lovely horse. You must be very proud of yourself getting over those jumps. Well done. It was nice Allanah could go out and watch you.
I will show my class your blog today.

Anonymous said...

Thats nice i LOVE horses.

Nile class.