Friday, March 18, 2011

The Tale of Peter Rabbit

Today we read the interactive Tale of Peter Rabbit on the iPad.

We liked how we could tap the creatures and they would move. The leaves could grow bigger and you could splat the berries.

We liked the part when Mr McGregor chased Peter Rabbit under the gate and how Peter Rabbit lost his shoes and his coat and he put them up as a scarecrow.

Lots of people liked the part where Peter Rabbit got home and lay down asleep because he had a big day. When you touched him he would snore and he sounded like a pig.


Anonymous said...

I always loved that story too! but I never read it on and Ipad.

Charles Newton

Anonymous said...

I liked splating the berrys by tuching them.IT WAS AWESOME.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was really fun watch it because you could splat the berries

Anonymous said...

I loved the story it was great to watch.georgia

Anonymous said...

I have never read the tale of peter the rabit until then.I enjoyed it.Zahra