Monday, March 07, 2011

Munch Crunch

Today we made Talking Tom copy us reading a poem called Munch Munch. The poem had lots of 'ch' words in it.

We found some 'ch' words at the beginning of words like cheese, chair and Christchurch.

We found some 'ch' words in the middle of words like teacher, Richmond and Christchurch.

We found some 'ch' words at the end of words like lunch, much and Christchurch.

We used the free Talking Tom App on Allanah's iPad.


Anonymous said...

it was fun to do and it was funny Holly

Anonymous said...

I loved the tryathalon but it was really teyering.sophie c

Senior Syndicate said...

What a fantastic idea to use Talking Tom to help you learn your letter sounds! I hope you were kind to Tom after he repeated your sounds and rubbed his belly!
From Mrs Power

Ms Hughes said...

Hi Motorua,
I loved the munch crunch poem, especially the funny ryhme that went something like "I like to munch on cheese, but if you try and munch on chairs it will make you sneeze" or I think that's what Tom said.
Ms Hughes
Sydney, Australia

Kelly Moore said...

Dear Allanah K and Year Four students,

I love this idea! Thank you so much for sharing. I just found you on Twitter and came over to check out your class blog. You have a great collection of reading links. These will be fun for my students to explore. The Interactive Stories will be of particular interest. We are currently talking about genres and book recommendations. They’ve been reading online stories from various websites. If you are interested, you can check out the 16 websites we’ve been reading from.

Best wishes,
Kelly Moore
Michigan, USA

Anonymous said...

Tena koutou
This is Nikora and his Mum we are friends of Miss King and we thought that the alley cat is really funny. We liked learning the sounds
Ka kite ano

Anonymous said...

I thought it was cool.Zahra