Monday, February 08, 2010

Splash City

Swimming is great at Appleby School. We get to swim every day.
We are improving on our swimming. Sharks are trying to keep the water boiling when we kick. Dolphins group are looking to use nice long arms and breathing smoothly.


Tammy Flaman said...

Wow, it must be great to be able to swim outside everyday. It is much too cold to do that here. Right now it is -31 degrees celsius outside. All of our water is frozen solid and when I go outside it feels so cold that sometimes it is hard to breath, especially when the wind hits your face. I will stay inside today. :)
-your friend from Canada
Tammy Flaman

Anonymous said...

great over urm Jack and Keegen I reckon in the future you are going to be cool swimer
by Daniel

Anonymous said...

keep up the great work

from zoe