Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Skype Call to Bangkok, Thailand

Another great event we had today was our Skype call with students from the International School of Bangkok. We are getting better at asking a variety of interesting questions. Here is an edited version of our Skype call.


Teaching Sagittarian said...

Wow! We are amazed by the clarity of the recording and the skype call. How fabulous! It was fun to connect with you today and we want to connect with you some more!
Enjoy the rest of your term.
Ms H and the students of Room 202 ISB Bangkok, Thailand.

meighan said...

my name is meighan i am a 11 years old.i really like your blog it is allsome can i ask a question.What is a Skype?by meighanroom8 hamilton new zealand.

jamie said...

hi my name is jamie I like the picther of the half man half hourse
it is cool
by jamie melville/hamiltion new zealand

Anonymous said...

It was fun doing the skype call with Bangkok, Thailand. Maybe we can do a another skype to my old school in England. I shall e-mail them tonight and tell them about it.Then I can talk to my class and my best friend there, Paige.

Olivia A

Anonymous said...

Miss k an we skype WALES IT


Anonymous said...

Is really cool how people can use skype and how it works
I have now signed my dad up so I can talk to him


Leeza said...

Oo! Oo! I know ISB! I just got back from Bangkok and that was the school where I had a swim meet! Cool!