Saturday, March 14, 2009

Another animation from Kieran

Kieran's animations are coming thick and fast with the encouragement he is getting through the comments. This one all flew by a little quickly so I took the liberty of slowing it down and adding a sound effect.


Moturoa said...

I loved the elephant high five at the end.

Great stuff Kieran

Allanah K

Tina said...

That's a pretty creative animation, Kieran. I wonder what made you choose elephants.
I haven't seen Pivot in action before. It's a shame it's a Windows only application as we have Macs. I can think of a few Kaipara Flats children who'd love to have a play with it.

Anonymous said...

Hi five mates Hayley

Anonymous said...

Awesome stuff Moturoa I love your blog. from Rachel.