Friday, March 20, 2009

George Shows us Pivot

Today George showed us how he made his Pivot animation. Next week we are going to show children at Melville Intermediate how to do the same thing. We will share our computer screen with them and talk with Skype. Allanah has done this sort of thing helping adults before but this will be a first time when she has helped children teach other children in other parts of NZ.
It will be a fun challenge for everyone.


Nick, R8, Melville Intermediate. said...

Hi George.

My name is Nicholas and tomorrow i'm the one who you are going to teach pivot to.

I'm looking foward to it.

Room 8
Melville Intermediate School
Hamilton, New Zealand.

caleb said...

nice going george

from caleb

Anonymous said...

Miss k another country is no the blog.


CALEB !!! said...

COOL GEORGE!!! I betcher that everyone liked that

from caleb