Sunday, January 14, 2007

Tiny Ted Travels to Totaranui

Today Tiny Ted got to go out on a launch to the Abel Tasman National Park at the very top of the South Island. The launch trip was very exciting with waves sweeping over the boat. He got wet!
On the way we visited Split Apple Rock. You can see why it is called that. You can only get to see it by boat as it is actually quite a way off shore.
We got off at Bark Bay and did a bit of sunbathing. I used some shells to keep me covered up from the sunshine. I didn't want to get sunburnt because this is my first Christmas in the sunshine. I am more used to the winter cold.The sun was so bright that I needed to wear my sunnies. Slip, slop, slap and wrap!
We played some games in the sand. It was so fun. I laughed and laughed. Being buried up to my neck kept the sun off! I even had a swim in the lovely clear, blue water.
The launch picked us up again and took us to Totaranui. Here is a photo Miss K took looking south along the beach. Look at the golden sands. Where are all the people?We called in to Waikoropupu Springs on the way home from Totaranui. Pupu Springs is a huge spring where the crystal clear water comes bubbling out from under the ground.
This photo shows you just how clear the water is! It is so deep and a brilliant colour. Pupu Springs are the largest in the Southern Hemisphere and the second most clear spring in the world.I saw a hobbit home on the way home. Did you know that the movie 'Lord of the Rings' was filmed all around Nelson.It was an excellent day out. I would like to do that again.


Anonymous said...

Miss k
how big are the chocolate fish i hope they are flounder


Anonymous said...

It looks like Tiny Ted had a great time and think you have done such a great job on this blog.From Petra