Monday, January 29, 2007

Tiny Ted Goes to Wanganui

Tiny Ted got to go on a little holiday to the North Island. He asked nicely and even got to sit in the cockpit when the plane landed at Wellington airport.
On the way to where we were going we went through the little town of Bulls. Bulls has lots of signs with Bulls on them. Can you guess what these buildings were?
Tiny Ted spent some time in Marton. Marton was named after Captain Cook's birthplace in England. Captain Cook came to New Zealand in 1769. You can see Tiny Ted sitting on the statue of James Cook.We also went to Wanganui. On the way we stopped on the Whangaehu River Bridge. This is on the likely path of the lahar that is due to come off Mount Ruapehu when the side of the crater lake gives way. That will be interesting.
While he was in Wanganui we went to Putiki marae. Putiki is very beautiful.
We saw the old river steamer go up the Wanganui River.
The flight home was great as the North Island was covered with big fluffy clouds.
We flew into Wellington and got a great view of our capital city.We got a good view of Nelson as well. You can see the cut in the Boulder Bank well from up in the air. There was a yacht race on out in the bay and we wondered if Jackson was out in his boat?

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Anonymous said...

Wow, what a fabulous trip Allanah and Tiny Ted had, it was very kind of the pilot to let Ted into the cockpit. We are very impressed by the views as well.
Mr H and Class 3H