Monday, January 08, 2007

2007 School Web Site Update

We are still podcasting even though the holidays are on. We recorded some poems on the last day of school. Click on the link above or to the right to listen to some. If you are on dial up you can look and see how long they take to download before you do. Or subscribing in Itunes means that you can listen to them over and again when you are off line.

Also I have republished the whole school website to add a new page and make our blogs more obvious. You may well have to re-put the link into your bookmarks or favourites Appleby School Website

Hope you are enjoying the holidays.

Keep an eye on our Playground Blog as Elliott has been posting from home which is excellent.

Our playground blog

Well done Elliott.


Anonymous said...

hey miss king
cool blog.howz the class???
get good reports Moturoa!!!
see ya

Moturoa said...

Erin isn't very good at signing her comments but as I have just been talking to her I am pretty sure it was from her- it sounds like the sort of thing she would say.

It was great to Skype with Jamie Mc this morning as well. Aren't we all just a connected bunch!