Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Korero Maori e

Today I was at Mahana School and their teacher Whaea Jane was teaching this very cool song to their senior class so I whipped my laptop open and made a quick recording.

Here are the words so you can sing along. They are easy to learn.

Korero Māori e, Korero Māori e

Korero Māori e, Korero Māori e

I ngā wa katoa, I ngā wa katoa

I te ao, i te pō

I te ao, i te pō.

We can learn it and sing it on our trip to Te Awhina Marae next week.

You play D and Em on your guitar or ukulele.


Anonymous said...

I have a ukulele but it might take a while.Kealan

nat said...

Kia ora - what a great blog. I enjoyed listening to the waiata (will sing along to it with my class on Monday morning) and the maths sheets are handy.
Have you created all of this?
I have bookmarked it and will share it at our next staff meeting.
What type of license are you using to allow this to be shared?