Monday, August 30, 2010

The Best Photos

We are learning how to make better photos. We are doing this by learning about the rule of thirds. We divided the photos into thirds and we made sure to put the subject of the photo where the third lines join up.
How did we go?


Room 3 Learner said...

We really like how you have shown a way to take photos using thirds because we've always taken photos of things and put the subject in the middle. Professsional photographers use thirds too so could you use 6ths as well?
From Max, Grayson, Jack, Kahnn, Sam and Andrew at Otewa School

room2 said...

Thank you for explaining the rule of thirds and giving examples. I didn't know the rule of putting the subject where the lines join up. I'm going to try using that in my photos. Ms Donnell Kaipara Flats