Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Kevin Shares His Holiday

Kevin sent us an email showing us some of the fun things he has been doing on his holiday back to Germany.
He walked along this treetop path through the forest in Schärding in Austria.
Mini-Dylan is having a great holiday as well. They will have great stories to tell on their return.
He visited a Bavarian castle- that's a pretty big fountain.
This is what the inside of the palace looks like.
Here is a ferry boat on Germany's biggest lake.
Kevin writes...

I really miss New Zealand. We visited some of our friends in the weekends. My brothers and my whole family and I went to a German festival. The next day we went to the tree top way in Austria. This is a type of a bridge on top of a forest there is a slide which is 50 m long. My two brothers and my dad and my uncle and me went to the biggest lake in Germany. It is called Chiemsee- for three days. There is a big castle and a very interesting museum of King Ludwig. Six days later we went with a train to a hunting & fishing museum in Munich. Munich is the main city in Bavaria.


Moturoa said...


Thank you for sending us your message and the photos.

I tried to add some captions to your photos that you sent. If I have got them wrong let me know and I can change them.

Keep on enjoying your holiday.

Allanah K

Anonymous said...

Big dive Kevin. Hope you are having fun.