Thursday, June 25, 2009

Book Review

We are going to have another go at preparing a book review for our homework this week. Here is a great book review from Courtney at Springston School.

Review done by Courtney J.

Age 10 from Springston School.

Candy Floss
By Jacqueline Wilson

How easy was it to get stuck into this book?
It’s very easy to get stuck into all of Jacqueline Wilson’s books because she has such a thought for her readers and tries to base her book ideas on problems that her readers might have in their life. Also this book has a great personality which might sound odd, but what I mean is that I think this book isn’t like all her other ones (because there’s like millions) it’s one in particular that I would most certainly recommend to someone.

Who are the main characters?
Well first off, there’s Floss who’s a kind, friendly girl and then there’s her dad and he’s a tubby, happy person, but will he find his true love, or will he be left heartbroken?

What’s the story-line?
The story-line is about a young girl whose parents split but as her mum goes on a work trip to Australia with her new boyfriend Floss is determined to stay with her dad who takes her to every fun fair that passes through her town. But as her dad meets a wonder woman he is set to follow her and have a great time. But then, as Floss’ dad goes broke and loses his house, will wonder woman save him?

How it’s written!!
This book is written both in a formal and informal style because it is something that happens to people, but it’s also quite funny and jokey.

Other books by the same author that I know about!!

Jacky Daydream
My Sister Jodie
Love Lessons
Best Friends
Double Act

My Rating!!

I give this book a 4/5 because it’s the best Jacqueline Wilson book I’ve ever read, but that’s just me so why don’t you read it yourself because it’s a great book?

☼ ☼ ☼ ☼

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