Monday, January 12, 2009

Miss K visits Londonderry, County Derry, Ireland

Miss K's Dad was born in Derry so thought it would be a good idea to visit seeing Ireland is so close to England and Wales. Here is Miss K walking the walls of the city. The walls of Derry have lots of Cannons on them to fight off invaders.
In the past Northern Ireland has had fighting between the different people living there but nowadays things are much smoother but you still see some huge murals telling people what they thought of it all.
Derry is very pretty too with old church steeples rising high over the city.
Further out we visited the Giant's Causeway. You might have seen it on Matt's Dancing Video- it was a bit rough to dance to but we took photos all the same.
The thing looked like it might fall over so I tried to hold it up!
Northern Ireland has lots of beautiful villages.
This lighthouse was perched high on a rocky shoreline to tell ships not too get too close to the rocks.

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