Monday, January 19, 2009

The Bangkok Grand Palace

Today was our last day in Bangkok and Miss K was very brave because she went out without a helper to find her way around this city of 11 million people who speak very little English. She was armed with her two most important Thai words- hello and thank you- the rest was done with good intentions and a big smile!The Grand Palace of Bangkok is a place of wonder and beauty. Mini-Dylan had never seen anything so intricate and ancient in all his travels.
The palace had heaps of stunning statues and symbols to celebrate and remember the life of the Buddha. Each statue was covered in mosaics of ceramic or gold.
Thailand is close to China and some of the statues came from there.
Although it was busy the place wasn't too crowded with too many other tourists.
Mini-Dylan made friends with one of the palace guards.
Miss K thought this tree was stunning- look how carefully it had been trimmed.
Mini-Dylan was more interested in playing.
The whole day was an excellent way to end our stay in Thailand. Time to go home to New Zealand and get ready for a new school year. See you there!


Leeza said...

Bangkok is so pretty! I have to go there for a swimming competition and now I am very excited!

Anonymous said...

Miss K you looked like you and Mini Dylan had a fabulous holiday tripping all around the world. How exciting to catch up with the school overseas that you have been working with!
Have a great year back in the classroom and we look forward to reading about the many wonderful learning experiences you create for the children in your class.

Miss Whalley (and the children in Room 1)
Upper Moutere School

Cheryl Oakes said...

Thanks for sharing, I just discovered photopeach and love it too.