Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mini-Dylan's Last Day in England

As the title of this blog post suggests this was our last day in England and thought we had better go and see a museum- but which one?? The Natural Science Museum was my best pick because of the really big dinosaur bones they have there.
And they even had a nest of dinosaur eggs for us to look at.
Some of the skeletons were huge. This one is a herbivore- eating only leaves and veggies.

Miss K thought you would enjoy this video of one of the dinosaur models- fiercesome stuff.

This one had Mini-Dylan worried and he was grateful that it was only a model- not the real thing. Look at all those huge teeth!Quite safe with this display though as it was as dead as a dodo! LOL.
After the museum Miss K took the underground train to Westminister Abbey and the Big Ben clock to catch a ride on a river boat down the Thames to Greenwich where time and latitude begins.

You might recognise the bridge over the Thames- isn't it very cool.
This is the top of St Paul's Cathedral which is very beautiful and really old. You can also see the sides of the Millenium walking bridge which was built in 2000.We got off the boat at Greenwich and Miss K was keen to stop off at this pub. I wonder why??
Here is Mini-Dylan at Greenwich. Greenwich is the place with the interenational date line is excatly 12 hours apart from New Zealand time.
And here is the exact place where the lines of latitude start. You can actually see the red line exactly O° O° O° .
By the time we got back it was getting dark and time for one last photo of this huge ferris wheel type thing called the London Eye where you can go up high and get a great view of the city.
Farewell everyone- thanks for your friendship- next stop Bangkok on the way home.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Torbea for doing some wonderful research on dinosaurs to help me in the classroom.

Allanah K