Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Today we thought we had pretty much done San Francisco city apart from girl shopping that I didn't want to inflict on Colin as we wandered downtown to catch a transit bus to Sausalito. It was a short trip but interesting to drive through ordinary suburbs of the city. Sausalito was a lovely smaller centre on the coast without the feel of noise like downtown- it reminded me a little of Day's Bay in Wellington with all the craft shops and the like.
We caught the ferry back into the city. Here is me with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background.

Little Mini-Dylan is enjoying the trip with me. Today the Adobe Summit starts and work begins.

How is school going???


Teaching Sagittarian said...

How's school going you ask. Well, it's day 2 of Term 3 and it feels like the two weeks holiday just flew by! So wishing I was standing next to you in front of that pretty massive looking golden gate bridge! Looking forward to hearing about the Adobe Summit and all the new things you learn!

Elliott's Space said...

sounds pretty windy in the video was the it?

was the boat big?

sounds like you are having great time hope you are

By Elliott