Friday, July 18, 2008

San Francisco Day Two

Today we did the tourist bus thing around San Francisco on an open top double decker bus.It was a great tour and we learnt a lot about the city and ists past from his talk. I took lots and lots of photos from the bus as it went over the Golden Gate Bridge and when I get on a decent internet connection I will post the video. Here am I at one end of the bridge looking back over the city views.

Then it was off for a spot of shopping- you should see this one shop called Nostrum Westfield. It was HUGE with nine floors of shopping and interlinked escalators all over the place.

THEN- I saw the big APPLE and a queue of people waiting to get an iPhone. I went inside and spoke to an Apple Genius- that is what their job is called. He helped me buy an 8GB iP od Touch- it is SO cool.
I can't wait to surf the internet from it through a wireless connection.

The stetch limo is what I neede to carry all my shopping home to the hotel!!

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Anonymous said...

Thought you might of relented and got an iphone!!! Looking forward to seeing all the shopping.