Monday, December 10, 2007

Our Camp at Kaiteriteri

My night in the tent was OK but Little Miss Screamer woke me up but in the morning I thanked her because I had to go toilet. I found it quite fun putting up the tents and I think we co-operated quite well. It was much easier breaking camp than putting up the tents.

By Dino and Braden
Splish-splosh-splash! We had so much fun! I could feel water rushing over my body and I giggled happily, soaking wet. As I said before, it was sooooo fun! I could hear popping around me. Pop! Ouch that hurt a water bomb just hit me on the head. We played it on a big field we had lots of room to run around in. We had sooooo much fun.
By Tegen and Amberley
We thought that the water slide was so cool and we would love to do it again.
I see Tegen looks like she is enjoying the water slide.
I thought that the water splashing in your face was a bonus.
I don't think Shayn thought it was a bonus though.
Look at Zach go flying down the water slide.

By Jordan

When we were doing the three legged race it was so funny.
People were tripping over and we had heaps of fun.
Nicole and Shania showed great teamwork.
This is one of Miss K's favourite photos. Oscar's Dad took it on his big camera.
By Frances and Susa
The rocks were sharp and pointy and they hurt your knees. People were jumping off the rocks and playing in the sand.
By Shania

Here is Amberley digging her feet into the warm sand.
Kaiteriteri Beach is very beautiful with golden sands.
The swim was pretty cool. Three people got cuts from the barnacles.
We had to wear three different coloured swimming hats to make it easier for the adults to make sure we didn't drown. It made it easier for them to watch us.
We all enjoyed the swim and the sunbathing we did afterwards.

By Georgie
This is Kyle on a duck that woobles up and down on the playground by the beach.
This is Georgie on the swings. She looks like she is having fun.

by Nicole

Here we are going on to the launch. Man we have a big class. The launch was so good

Dino and his Dad wanted to stay connected to the world so took some time out to check the blog and do a little networking. AK
Wow look at those good views. On the launch trip we had alot of fun.
We had lots of stops along the way as we walked back to civilisation.
Walking through the bush was lovely and cool as the sun was beating down on us.

It was a great camp. We enjoyed it heaps. It was mint.

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