Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Hemispheres Wiki

This week we have been learning with a class in South Paris, New York, USA. We are their expert voices. Imagine that!

They wanted to find out more about the similarities and differences between the north and south hemispheres.

One of the most obvious ones was the seasons- here is a photo of the class in the snow in their playground- contrast this to our last post of our camp at the beach!!!!!

To see more of our findings click on the photo and look at the links on the left hand side of the page. Both classes have added photos and videos to help viewers understand more.

A wiki is like a website that different people can add to from different places. Our Flight website is another example of a wiki but with that one we only worked with a nearby school.

It is exciting to go global! Thanks South Paris Collaborative.

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Lisa Parisi said...

Hi Moturoa Class. We have been excited going global, too. And we are very jealous of your beach pictures. Maybe the ideal life would be to fly back and forth, always staying in summertime. Ah well. We can dream. Enjoy your summer vacation and thanks for joining us in the wiki.