Sunday, December 23, 2007

ERO Visit

In week three of of the new year ERO, NZ's Education Review Office are sending three reviewers to Appleby School to look at all the wonderful ICT we have been doing.

They want some data about how using computers has improved our learning. If you are one of our 14,100 blog viewers could you please leave a comment on this post on how you think viewing our blog, wiki or podcast has improved our learning.

I would like to impress ERO with the number of comments so please take a moment to write what you think- I would love comments from children and adults from New Zealand and overseas.

Thank you

Miss K

1 comment:

heather said...

its heather from mrs macs english class. i believe that blogging helps students not only to interact with students from all over the world but also with those in our very own class. for exsample our class is not very welcoming so to speak, and you stay pretty much on your own cliqu. through blogging i have made friends with people in my class who otherwise would have been over looked.
you learn alot from blogging by recieving comments and feedback from a wide range of cultures and peolpe. a good esample of this is my blog, you can see how my writing has gained depth through talking to those who take writing seriously.