Friday, November 16, 2007

S Matchbox Competition

Kiwi reading group did a competition. They had to find as many things starting with the letter S over night and it had to fit in a matchbox.The person with the most things wins an ice-cream. These are all the things that Zach and Kieran found. They found 41. Here are some of the things that were in Zach's matchbox...

silk, stick, soap, stone, staples, sticky tape, stamp, straw, sawdust sultana, sinker, sacking, shell, doll's shoe, shark, screw, Subway voucher, spring, salt, sewing needle, salt, safety pin, salami, soot, salad dressing, sand, sauce, seed, soil, sunblock, sesame seed, star, sad face, sugar, sticker, doll's shorts and a scrunchie.
These are all the things that Eliott found. He found 33.
These are all the things that Miriam and Georgina found. They found 30.

by Nicole and Shania.


Anonymous said...

Man im looking forward to getting the icecream
By miriam

Anonymous said...

Wow you guys you can really fit alot in those match boxes.By Georgie C

Anonymous said...

How long did it take to find 41 objects?
Maxine from Mangamaire School. Im having a sharing time with Mr Kennard today

Moturoa said...

I took me a couple of hours to find all the things that I wanted.