Friday, November 09, 2007

What have we learnt from using computers in our classroom

Yesterday we had the Waimea South ICT Cluster Expo where children from our area get together and share what they have learnt using ICT in the classroom. Moturoa started the ball rolling by recording what we had learnt this year.

To see the Voicethread in a large version click here!

I was so proud of the comments that my children made as they moved beyond basic skills and talk about how the use of ICT has helped them with personal goals that can be transferred to all of their learning.

Other schools in our cluster have recorded what they have learnt as well.

And other children and teachers from around the globe. Have a listen to the voices from around the globe.

Miss K


Mrs CB said...

Mrs C-B said....

This is fabulous, I was just so impressed with your comments children, it is so exciting that ICT is making such an impact.

I have just been visiting your blog and I have put a link to your site on our class blog.

My children love to blog and read what other kids are up to and learning about all around the globe.

You can visit us at
We are called the Purple People Eaters.

Well done Miss K this is a wonderful blog.

Jo Cook-Bonney

montgorp said...

Hi Mrs K and class

Thanks so much for sharing your work through this voice thread.

I think your work and the way you talk about you work is excellent.

I have left a voice comment on your voice thread

I have linked the post to

Thanks once again for your excellent work.

Derekw said...

This is fabulous stuff - well done Miss K and all of the class. Your comments on what you see as the value of the computers you use in the classroom are wonderful, and illustrate to me that you are using computers in all sorts of interesting ways.
Keep up the good work! And do keep sharing it with others in this way!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for leaving a link back to your excellent blog on my Web 2.0 Voicethread, I'm going to listen to your children's comments now and showcase them in a conference I'm presenting at in Wigan (northern England) on Thursday.

Mr Harrington said...

Excellent work Miss K - I hope you like our commnets from today in class. We were just looking at your blog as part of our Literacy Session and just had to make some observations from a Welsh perspective :-)

Mr H Cefn Fforest Primary