Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Cefn Fforest makes a Voicethread about Cuddly Kiwi

This week Cefn Fforest School made us a wonderful Voicethread that shows the adventures of Cuddly Kiwi, a small toy that we sent to them last year. Paul H, the Cefn Fforest teacher, is starting a new job in December so is intending to send Cuddly Kiwi back to us. It will be great to see him back in New Zealand for a warm Kiwi Christmas. Have a look at all the wonderful adventures Cuddly Kiwi has had and listen to our comments at the end. To see the full screen version click on the photo below.
by Miss K


Teaching Sagittarian said...

This is fantastic! VoiceThread is so cool and it sounds like Cuddly Kiwi is having such a good time. I am impressed with the way Mr H and his class have used VoiceThread to share Cuddly Kiwi's adventures.
Ms H (Room 18 Taradale Intermediate)

isabel said...

Hi Mathew i realy do hope you got what you wished for your birthday. So what's your favorite color?