Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Welcome to Term Three

Welcome back to the third term at Appleby School. I trust that you have had a good break from homework and school lunches. One of the highlights of this term is going to be the help we will receive from Mrs V- a third year Christchurch College of Education student on her final school placement before graduation. She introduces herself…….

My name is Mrs V. I live in Lower Moutere with my husband Peter. I am a student from Christchurch College of Education, but I am studying through POLO, so I do my studies at home. My husband and I are potters and we have our own pottery and been potters for over 24 years now. This is my last teaching practice and I am looking forward to learning and teaching in Appleby School. I will be in Miss K’s class for five weeks. I love kids and enjoy working with them. I love singing, dancing and socialising. But most of all, I love cooking whenever I have time, reading, gardening and helping others.

Our focus for our thematic studies for the first part of the term will be on the topic ‘Flight’. We will be asking a lot of interesting questions about the principles of flight and be using a wide variety of resources including the internet to find answers to those questions. Hopefully we will be able to share our learning with the children of Wakefield School who are also studying the topic. If you know of a resource that would be appropriate we would enjoy sharing it.

Our web page on Flight

We also want to add more regular podcasts to our ICT skills. You can link to them through the school website or directly through the link below. You can also catch up on our recent podcasts about our shared reading and the production.

Moturoa Podcasts

Please call at any time and join in some of the exciting activities we have planned for the term ahead.


Anonymous said...

Hi kids, have fun on your first day back at school, I'm sure Miss King won't give you too much work today. It will be quiet in many homes today.

Welcome Mrs V I'm sure our children will be good to you.

Have fun, from Julie and Steve Vickery

Anonymous said...

Wow cool a student teacher. I bet you will have an wonderful time with Mrs V and make sure she teachers you something.
From Emily J

Anonymous said...

Hi there!

I'm writing to you from the south of England! I also have an interest in planes, mainly old World War II ones. I have e-mailed Miss K to her home address some photos I took in 2004 when I was living on a small island off the English coast. They held an air show and I was thrilled to see so many old, but still working planes. Perhaps she will put them on your blog or let you see them via e-mail. Some sites which may interest you are :

Good luck with your studies!

Lynda in England

Anonymous said...

I will not be able to learn with Moturoa about "Flight" anymore. Unfortunately for some unforseen urgent events in my life, I will have to pull out of my teaching practice. I enjoyed my week-long with Moturoa.
You are so LUCKY to have such a clever and fun teacher Miss King in your class.
I will continue to read and find out what you will be doing even if I will not be with you. I may come and visit from time to time if it's okay.
I will miss you all.

Mrs. V

Anonymous said...

I wish you didn't have to go! Ruby