Monday, July 24, 2006

Trevor's Art Work

Miss King did an aeroplane picture but Trevor finished it. He has done some extra bits every day since. All the kids in the class love to come to school each day to see what Trevor has added. By Sam P and Susa

I am came to school this morning and Trevor's whiteboard marker had been laid to rest! RIP Expo! By Miss K


Moturoa said...

good work Trevor!!!!
Sam P

Anonymous said...

It was such a pleasure to watch Trevor add more details to the Flight Art work of Miss King while I was with Moturoa. It was sad to see it go but you took a great picture of it Susa and Sam. Well done.
I look forward to see more art work or news about your Flight topic.
Thanks everyone for a wonderful 6 days!!! I will not forget and I will keep in touch. Mrs.V

kahurangi said...

Funny, very very funny Trev. You are good at drawing

By Zach

Anonymous said...

it looked really good. good work Trevor!!!!!

Moutere said...

We like Trevor's picture too!
Has he added anything new to the picture today?
We might come and have a peek at playtime if that is ok?


Moutere said...
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Anonymous said...

I like how you drew it! Ruby

Anonymous said...

Poor pen!!! Ruby