Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Ten things to do a frisbee

This is a poem that we have been learning. This is one of the poems that we did.

Six Things To Do With a Tamgochi
You can play on it.
You can stay on it.
You can make it sit.
You can make it wear a crown.
You can connect it.
You can watch it.

By Brittany

Two Things To Do With a Toy Motor Bike

You can push it through the water.
You can use trainer wheels if you're shorter.
By Dillon


Anonymous said...

Great to read your poetry Brittany and Dillon. Brittany, thanks for explaining to me what a Tamgochi can do. Dillon, its always good to have a toy motor bike in your pocket when you stumble across a puddle.
Mr B

Anonymous said...

We thought Dillon's poem was funny................bunny!
from Waimea

Anonymous said...

I wonder how fast a frisbee can go?
It probably depends on how you throw it. Ruby