Monday, June 12, 2006

Tyler's Cart

We had no homework this week so we had to make up our own. Tyler made this groovy cart!! He made it out of wood, wheels, and metal. Tyler made it with his Pop. He takes people for rides in it.

by Gloria and Emily


Anonymous said...

Wow Tyler! Fantastic idea. Maybe your class should have more homework free weeks if this is what you can produce. Great cart. Lucky people who get to go for rides in it.

Mrs Hosie
ICT Facilitator
Waimea Cluster

Anonymous said...

Thank you for comment. Other children did great stuff a swell. Maddi made pikelets, Jillian made yummy home made bread and Lara made a really funny play about the need to wash your hands to keep the germs away.

Miss K

Jessica said...

It was really cool

Braden R said...

Tyler, that must be a crazy ride. Especially on 4 wheels that swings mad. Can you stand up and go fast? Have you fallen off it? That looks awesome to ride on it.

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! Tyler your kart looks awesome. I'm sad I have left because I could have had a ride and eaten pikelets and bread too. Of course after I'd washed my hands. Hope you are all well and working hard for Miss K.
From Denise

Jessica said...

Nice pick tyler and tim

Anonymous said...

We should have a trolley day at school!!

From Georgia