Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Year Three/Four Athletics

What a great day we had at the Year Three and Four athletics and Ranzau School today. Everyone tried really hard and achieved great results.

I didn't know Georgia could kick that high. Did you know that Georgia won the Year Four High Jump competition? Well done Georgia.

Look at Chelcie and Sam go!! Like the wind.

Great also to read Tim and Amanda's comment about Mitchell's prize at the A & P Show. Didn't he do well.

I think it is better now that you don't have to register to write a comment. It makes it a lot easier.


Anonymous said...

The school blog is great and it's good to see the children enjoying themselves so much. My school days were never like this!

L. U.K.

Anonymous said...

Great info on the athletics

kahurangi said...

Wowwwww what great photos Miss King! From Miss Brydon

We are glad that we came second in the long distance run. From Dino

Yes we all had a great time too. From Shea

Leanne R said...

Wonderful photos. The kids competed very well and it was such a hot day.