Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Dancing with the stars

On Saturday, Georgia and Jessica R did a dancing concert at Annesbrook. Georgia did a ballet dance and a jazz dance. Jessica did a ballet dance and a few tap dances. At the end our teachers gave us certificates and trophies. Georgia got a rosette for being one of the smiliest ballet dancers. Jessica got a trophy for being the most improved tap dancer. WELL DONE GIRLS!

On Sunday Charly's family went to a staff party. It was a costume party and Charly went as Malfoy. Today he brought his costume. He had a wand, a white shirt, a black cloak and a tie. The party was fun and the costume was cool.

by Georgia, Jessica and Charly.


Waimea class said...

Your dancin
sounds great. Torbea

Did yu like your dance? Bella

Was the party cool Charlie? Rebekah

Your costume looks cool. Rachel

Nelly said...
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AllanahK said...

Who taught you to spell, Chanelle?