Friday, November 25, 2005

Did You Hear The Screaming?

I am surprised that the whole world didn't wake up at the thought of a poor terrified mouse finding a safe place to hide in someone's shoe!

The screaming was so loud that Mr B thought that we were having a, "How big a noise can you make," competition.

Poor wee mouse!


kahurangi said...

I am sooooo glad that that little mouse didn't come visiting in Kahurangi. I really can't stand the sight of mice, they make my eyes water and I sometimes scream too! Yuck. From Miss Brydon

Moutere said...

I thought the little mouse went to visit the Queen not the King?
Or is the mouse just keen on mixing with royalty?

Moturoa said...

We didn't mean to frighten you, Miss B. Next time we see a mouse in a shoe we will keep it a secret.

Moturoa said...

The wee mouse ran in to Pete's room after it left the shoe. I wonder if anyone from Maungatapu will get a fright when the open their school bags tonight?

Waimea class said...

Was the mouse scared or scary? Rebekah

Did the mouse do a poo? George

AllanahK said...

Dear Rebekah- I think the wee mouse more scared of than we were of him.

Hello George- The mouse didn't do a poo that I saw. But then I didn't get much of a look down the end of the shoe!

By Miss K