Friday, November 04, 2011

Charlie's Awesome Bagpipes

This is me playing my bagpipes. I played for you Brown Head Maiden. The bagpipes you might think they're from Scotland but they're from the Middle East.

I have been learning the bagpipes for one year and a half. I first started playing on the chanter but then I got good enough to go up to a higher level which is the bagpipes. You need to make sure you don't have a hole at the bottom of your bag or spit will drip out.

Piping fingers helps you to text faster and type faster. When I am blowing really fast my eyes tingle at the speed of light.

Aaaah. Sunday morning. Waking up my brothers at five o'clock in the morning.

I love playing the bagpipes. My pipes teacher says I could earn a lot of money busking!


Room 14 said...

Well done Maxwell. The bagpipes are an awesome instrument. I wonder if you are in the Pipe Band and if we will see you in a street march?
From Mrs Eden
Richmond School.

Allanah King said...

I loved how you explained all about the bagpipes and the way that you learnt how to play them.

You were very entertaining.

Everyone was very impressed with you. Mr Avery thought that you had great skills.


Craig Kemp said...

Charlie - I am loving your bag pipe playing - I am a proud Scotsman at heart living in Dunedin.

Mr Kemp
Grant's Braes School

Claire Buist said...

Wow! Charlie - you have caught me by surprise... I was sure the bagpipes came from Scotland... Crikey, tell me... why do locals here run around in kilts blowing bagpipes, then? Dunedin is known as the Edinburgh of the south...

By the way, that is some awesome bagpipe playing!

Francis said...

Wow! Charlie you are awesome at playing bagpipes. You are really loud
and clear. You must have done really good practicing.

Josiah said...

Awesome music Charlie. I liked hearing about how the bagpipes work because we have been learning all about how things work at our school.
From Josiah.

Team Toroa said...

Great bagpipes! I know that tune. It sounds really good on the pipes. Your D doublings are super. I have been learning the Bagpipes for 2 and a quarter years and my favourite tune is the 79th s Fairwell to Gibraltar Keep up the practice!

The connection to our blog is


Allanah King said...

Thank you Hamish.

You must really know how to play the bagpipes.


Anonymous said...

you did a really good job-Summer

Lawson said...

Well done it is very loud when i heard it at even 45% loud it was still loud the only good noise height was 11% i hope you get good enough to play them really well but maybe quieter so that every one can enjoy them

Anonymous said...

WOW I wish I could play !!!!

Anonymous said...

wow that was great maxwell you should go in a pipe band

Mrs. Yollis said...

Dear Charlie,

I thoroughly enjoyed your bagpipe playing! It is a beautiful instrument with a unique sound.

You mentioned that the bagpipe is from the Middle East. I didn't know that. I always thought they were from Scotland. I did a little research and learned that today, Scotland and Pakistan produce the most bagpipes for sale. Interesting!

My husband would like to learn how to play the bagpipe. How should you choose a bagpipe that is right for you? Do they come in different sizes?

Thanks, again, Charlie!

Your friend,
Mrs. Y♥llis

Anonymous said...

That was awesome! Do you know anyone else who plays bagpipes? Thank you for playing and sharing with us in Mount Joy, PA!

Mrs. Buckwalter's 4th Grade Class