Thursday, February 03, 2011

Welcome Back

Welcome back to another year of great learning at Appleby School.

This year Allanah and Jodie will share the teaching. Allanah will be teaching on Mondays and Jodie will teach for the rest of the week.

It will be a great mix and everyone will learn heaps.

How did the term start go for you?



Anonymous said...

I have had fun because we have been playing heaps of cool games like popping ballons and we have been working with numbers.

Anonymous said...

I am enjoying Appleby School. Moturoa is cool.Ewan.

Anonymous said...

I am having a great time in my new class and I think it is awesome.
Sophie A

Anonymous said...

I am enjoying Moturoa because we got to pop balloons and we learnt a new maths game on Allanah's ipad.Holly

Anonymous said...

I like being in Moturoa. I made good friends and we do lots of fun things.

Anonymous said...

I am enjoying being in this class.georgia