Monday, November 15, 2010

Keegan's Fiji Holiday

Last school holidays our family went to Fiji for a holiday.
"Mum, is this the island we are going to?"

"No," said Mum. "We are on the next island."
Just before we left my cousins and I went on the banana boat. It really hurt.
Everybody had fun, even the adults. My brother was on the back and that person flies off and smashes into everybody.
It was really hot and we liked sitting in the shade under the palm trees.
We went to a private island to snorkel.


Moturoa said...

I love that action shot of you coming off the banana boat. You have made me want to go away for an island holiday.


Kachina said...

Hi Keegan

Isn't Fiji awesome! I went there a few years a go, I loved it. It was really hot even when it rained. The only bad thing was that the water was really salty and we couldn't drink it. When I went snorkeling a fish went up my shorts, it was so slimy. What part of Fiji did you go to? Do you know the name of the island? We went to Plantation Island.


Anonymous said...

Your so lucky, cool photos, i wish i could go there.

Heidi and Tate