Monday, November 15, 2010

Appleby School Playtime

At playtime Allanah took photos of us on the iPhone while we were playing. We made the video on the iPhone using Sonic Pics and shared it with the computer and now we share it with you.

So this video was done without using a computer at all.


Anonymous said...

Well done Moturoa, you made a video with no computer. Applebly School looks like a great school to go to. I love the things you do at lunchtime like making pyramids, climbing trees and skipping.
Caroline, Paremata School, Wellington.

Moturoa said...

Thank you Caroline

We do have fun at school and we have great grounds for children to play in.


AngeNZ said...

Hi Maturoa

Thank you for sharing this wonderful example of learning. Your fantastic teacher shared your work with me using Twitter and it looks like you guys have a some exciting and entertaining facilities.

I am going to show my Jump Jam team it today and hopefully we can make a Sonic Pic of our journey up to Taupo to attend the Jump Jam Challenge today.

Again 'Thank you' for sharing.

Mrs Armstrong-Lush (Feilding)