Saturday, December 20, 2008

Mini-Dylan and Miss K land in Hong Kong

Miss K and Tiny Ted are on a bit of a world tour and the first stop is Hong Kong- we enjoyed a trip by junk out on the harbour.
Tiny Ted had to hold is breath with all the smog- but it was a great view over central Hong Kong from the very top of Victoria Peak. You get there by going up a very steep cable car.
At night they have this really awesome light show where a whole heap of skyscrapers all light up in time to music. Here is a photo of me waiting for the display to start.
To give an idea of how many skyscrapers there are I took this photo from out in the middle of the harbour. Hong Kong has 7 million people living in it and they just about all live in buildings like these!


Elliott's Space said...

sorry i commented on the wrong one wow 18000
anyway have a great time in hong kong

Leeza said...

I have been to Hong Kong before and I think it is a beautiful place. I live in China and it is certainly not far away!