Saturday, June 14, 2008

Mini-Dylan visits the Sydney Opera House

Mini-Dylan and I have finished the workshops at Adobe and are now having a look at the tourist spots of downtown Sydney.The Sydney Harbour Bridge is something that you can recognise all over the world. Mini-Dylan found a good spot to look at the view.
Mini-Dylan and I posed in front of the Sydney Opera House. It is a magnificent building.
We walked through the Botanic Gardens and Mini-Dylan liked this puff-ball plant as their colours matched perfectly.
On the way home we stopped at a wonderful viewing spot for a look at the Opera House at sunset from across the harbour. Miss K couldn't resist taking this video to show her day.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mini-Dylan
How brilliant that Miss K took you to see the Sydney Opera House. It looks huge! Will Miss K take you to the zoo as well?
Happy travels
Your mate

Anonymous said...

wow you must of had fun!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mini-Dylan Sydney is so beautiful and the harbour is such a magical place. Did you ride many ferries? Did you goto Manly? Whenever, we goto Sydney we buy the day long tickets and almost ride ferries to anywhere all day long?

Moturoa said...

Miss K and Mini-Dylan only had one day to wander around the Sydney harbour before she had fly home so we never had a chance to go on a ferry- we saw lots though.

And we saw lots of bats hanging in the trees- great big smelly things they were too!

Miss K did go shopping for an hour but couldn't find anything to buy!

Miss K