Sunday, June 29, 2008

Cuddly Kiwi goes to San Antonio, USA

Cuddly Kiwi lives the high life!
Cuddly Kiwi, a cousin of Mini-Dylan and Mr H are on a global journey to a really big computer conference in San Antonio in Texas, USA. They stop at a Starbucks for a quick coffee along the way. They heard that Tiny Ted has been sighted and we hope to have some photos before too long.
They all got into the airport at around 7.15pm Central Standard Time
As with all bloggers and geeky people Mr H got all the cabling sorted out at the hotel...
Enough time to fire off this blog post before looking to eat!
Cuddly Kiwi and Mini Dylan 'The Dragon' have a quick chat while preparing their journey to NECC08 in San Antonio on Saturday 28th June. They have let Paul into some of their travel plans, however some things they are keeping very much to themselves.

One thing that they are hoping to do is catch up with another friend of theirs, Tiny Ted who has been travelling the world since leaving Wales in October 2006.

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