Monday, October 02, 2006

New Blog Time Features

Hope you are all having heaps of fun in the holidays. The computer ULearn conference in Christchurch was really great and I learnt a whole heap of new things for the fourth term.

I am starting to plan for the class camp at the end of the term which I know you are looking forward to.

I have added a couple of new features to our blog to celebrate the start to daylight saving- a clock and a class calendar. The clock is always on the right side bar and the calendar is under the heading Appleby Links on the side bar. It will be handy for us to remember the dates for events that are coming up.

Also I have added a couple of new games' links on the sidebar as well.

Let me know how you are going in the holidays by leaving a comment or a post-it note :-)


Anonymous said...

hi how are you. i know the camp with th class will go good.(camps are th best with miss king!!!)
jajaja from chile

AllanahK said...

Good to hear from you, Erin. It is great being on holiday and I am starting to get ready for next term. Another couple of days of shopping left to go yet tho' LOL

Anonymous said...

We really like the games becuse they're really helpfull with maths and also fun to play with by shanac and Alyshia

Moturoa said...

I'm pleased you like the games. I will try and find some more that you can enjoy. Miss K

Anonymous said...

Really enjoying the new blog

Bye 4 now