Thursday, October 19, 2006

Two New Podcasts

We had the pleasure of being able to interview Dean Schneider, a New Zealand nature photographer, who had come to visit with us for an afternoon to learn more about the sorts of things we are doing with computers in our classroom. We were surprised to learn that Dean had taken the photographs for the school reader 'Helping the Hoiho' which was Dillon's favourite when he was younger. I think all NZ children would recognise that book.

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We have been doing some great digital poetry. Digital poetry is when you write a poem and then take photos to illustrate your poem. We would have liked to make the photos move but some of the laptops were playing up. Gloria and Georgia did a great job of their poem about all the wonderful things Mrs Murphy does to help us around the school.

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Anonymous said...

Cool way to show who took the photos and all that other stuff. I think thats clever.Oh yeah and cool podcast. By Maddi.