Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Hayden's Remote Controlled Plane

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Today Hayden brought his remote controlled plane to school and showed us how the aerolons on the back surface of the wings made the plane go up or down and how he made the plane swoop and soar. He was really good at it. Here is a video of Hayden and the plane. The video is 2MB big so it may take a little while on dial-up but well worth the wait as you see hayden make the plane do fantastic loops. If you need to get Quicktime to view the movie follow the link below. When you click play and you see a big blue Q on the scren then you know all you will have to do is wait!

Link to Appleby School's Useful Links Page

Miss K

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Anonymous said...

I like all the tricks like the loopty loops .I think you should be a pilot someday.Elliott