Friday, August 04, 2006

An Artist Visits Moturoa

Today we had the privilege of being taught by Nelson artist Jo T. Jo taught us more about seeing deeply into our artwork and to enjoy and appreciate what we had accomplished. Miss K started off with showing us some interesting pictures and video of kakapo on the computer, then Jo showed us how to identify all the colours we could see of the kakapo and then she drew a stunning drawing in pastel.

After that we had a go with chalk pastel on black paper and drew these magificent roosters! Awesome!

Please come and see our work on the wall in the classroom.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Moturoa,
You are so lucky to get a real Nelson artist in to teach you art. She looks like she did a fabulous job because your artwork looks amazing. I hope you all continue to work hard and I miss working with you all. I am off to Broadgreen Intermediate in a couple of weeks to teach the bigger kids. I think they will all be taller than me!!!
Bye for now Denise