Monday, August 17, 2015

The After Play Writers' Workshop

Look on the side bar for the voting form for these stories. Pick your favourites.

Oliver wrote about the leopard who didn't like meat.

Matariki wrote about a tree

Jasper wrote a funny popsicle story.

Jakob wrote some random stuff.

Javier wrote a robot story.

Jayden wrote The Jungle Book

Cooper was feeling pretty sick but finished a story about a rabbit.


Anonymous said...

Great story Coop! I love your sense of humor. We'll done. - Mummy (Kate Dowie)

ThroughJen'sLrns said...

How exciting to be able to write a story and share for people all around the world to see. I am Cooper's Great Aunty Jennipha. His Dad's Aunty. I live in Los Angeles in the United States of America and enjoyed your stories.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for leaving comments for Cooper on our blog.

It will be very encouraging for him.



Unknown said...

WOW fantastic stories. When I show other classes how to use Story Bird I will show them your blog.
Are you going to write more stories using Story Bird? I hope so :)