Sunday, November 23, 2014

Our Favourite Meal

If you could order up your favourite meal right now what would it be??

Allanah's favourite meal would be an entrée of shrimps in a bed of lettuce, followed by lamb shanks. 

The lamb shanks would be all covered in rich, brown gravy and I would have some roast vegetables that I like like parsnips, potatoes and kumara and maybe some peas and corn as well. 

I would have home made mint sauce with it.

To drink I would have pink sparkling grape fruit juice with strawberries floating in it.

To finish off for pudding I would have pavlova, red jelly, hundreds and thousands, Spanish cream with lashings of whipped cream on top.

What would you have has your most favourite meal?


Eden said...

Yum! Your meal sounds delicious Allanah.
I would like a whitebait entree, grilled salmon and avacado salsa for my mains and reaspberries with chocolate mousse for dessert.
I will be interested to read what other people enjoy.

AllanahK said...

My favourite meal is my Nans mince pie's with her tomato sauce. My favourite dessert is carrot cake with a bowl follow of cookies and creamy,blue sponge, chocolate and marshmallow.


AllanahK said...

My favourite meal is for dinner is fish & chips.

And my favourite pudding is pavlova with whipped cream and
strawberry's and kiwi fruit


AllanahK said...

The last Saturday I had to cook for the family. The Xmas party was great. Then a pig got out and hit the tree and got hurt really bad so grandad had to kill the pig. Then we ate it for tea and dad ate most of the chicken then he fell down and in to the ditch. He ate an eel for pudding.


AllanahK said...

my favourite food is lasagne and my drink lemonade.


AllanahK said...

My favourite meal is nachoes and some cheese and some sourcream. Cookies and cream and some pav.


AllanahK said...

LEMON MERINGUE PIE is my favourite pie.


AllanahK said...

My favourite dessert is Lemon pie with cream and ice-cream.